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Assalamu Alaikum
Hope you are well.

Today I started writing to you about the Shadin Music app. Many people think that Shadhin Music has been scammed. Many people have asked me about this on Facebook. But whether it is true or not, we will discuss this in a series. So I sat down to write a post thinking about everything. So wear the whole thing. If you like it, please share.

The Refer and Earn campaign for independent music ended on October 11. Thank you for being with us. According to the request list, we have already started making payments which will be phased out to all your bKash accounts. Please wait a bit and follow the next instructions, stay active with likes and comments on Swadhin's Facebook page to get updates of the new campaign.

The above has been posted on Tuku Independent Music Facebook page. But many people are saying don't pay because you don't pay properly. Many people were calling and texting me about this. Thinking about everyone, I called from their paid number. Now you can tell where I got the number, in fact I got the payment twice from the independent music app. And I took the number from bKash SMS and called and talked. Let me ask some questions in the 1st. In fact, I don't talk to anyone without knowing it, as many of you know. I filled it as I wished. After that I asked when he would give us the money. In reply he told me to give all the money slowly. Many payment requests have been submitted so it is taking time to pay. And it also states that all the payments on the 8th date have already been paid. Will pay on 7th tomorrow (Tuesday). And all due payments will be made before Thursday.

However, there was no question about those who have opened multiple accounts on one mobile. Because I know their database is not of much better quality. So you can't track IP even if you want to. So those who have opened more than one account on one mobile are a little worry free, I hope you will get payment.

Let me say one last thing. Independent music is not a bad app. It is the owner of a huge company Radio Independent. They understand that we have opened multiple accounts on one mobile, but could not verify our IP. So the offer has stopped.

Today we will talk about this in the next post. All will be well. God bless you.

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