What is the best computer configuration for graphics design? Laptop or desktop?


 One common question for people who are currently graphic design freelancers is -

 “What is a good computer configuration for graphics design?  Laptop or desktop? ”

 When it comes to graphic design, the best is to use Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac.  Since many people are not interested in buying a Mac for a high budget, you can buy a Windows computer in the following configuration.


 MotherBoard: Gigabyte

 Processor: Intel core i5 / Intel core i7

 Ram: Minimum 8GB for better performance

 SSD Hard Disk at least 128GB

 Monitor: Dell / HP / Asus

 Keyboard: A4 Tech

 Mouce: a47tech


 Motherboards: Many companies have motherboards, but the gigabyte motherboards are relatively good.  There are motherboards of Rs 2500 to Rs 50,000 in Gigabytes. Check out the motherboards here https://www.startech.com.bd/component/motherboard but since you will do 2D graphics work, you can usually get 8000 to 15000 motherboards for 3D graphics animation.  Can take more expensive motherboards.

 Processor: Generally people in Bangladesh use Intel or AMD processor.  Intel is better, you better use Intel core i5 / Intel core i7 processor.  When buying a processor, take a look at Processor Generation & GHz.  When you buy a PC, buy the processor of the next generation or the next generation.  For example, currently the 9th Generation processor is available.

 RAM: RAM of many companies is available in the market. You can get 6 GB RAM of DDR4 version of Twinmos / Apacer / A Data company.  RAM Details See this link https://www.startech.com.bd/component/ram

 Hard Disk: Can take 1TB Harddisk.  No matter how much you take the hard disk, you will get a minimum of 120/126 GB SSD hard disk for C drive, the computer will be several times faster.  https://www.startech.com.bd/component/hard-disk-drive

 Monitor: It would be better if the monitor is 22.  It would be better to take Asus / Dell / HP / brand monitor.  Most current graphic designers use Asus VZ229HE 21.5 Inch IPS Borderless Slim Monitor http://ryanscomputers.com/asus-vz229he-21-5-inch-ips-borderless-slim-monitor-1xhdmi-1xvga-hdmi-cable-not-included.html  Uses.  It is available at Rs 11,300.  Or you can use Dell E2316H 23 https://ryanscomputers.com/monitor/all-monitors/dell-e2316h-23-inch-full-hd-tn-panel-wled-backlight-monitor-dp-vga-wall.html HP 22fw  https://ryanscomputers.com/hp-22fw-ips-anti-glare-full-hd-21-5-inch-monitor-1xvga-1xhdmi-port-white-backside-3ks60aa.html can use the monitor.

 Keyboard / Mouse: A4 Tech keyboard mouse would be good for longtime use.

 Price quotation:

 Now let us see what is the average price of the above configuration -

 1. Gigabyte H310M S2 DDR4 8th Gen Intel LGA1151 Socket Mainboard - 6,300 BDT

 2. Intel Kaby Lake Core i5 7400 3.00-3.50GHz 6MB Cache LGA1151 7th Gen.Processor - 16,000 BDT

 3. A-DATA 8GB DDR4 2400 BUS Desktop RAM - 4100 BDT

 4. Hard Disk -

 4.1 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5 Inch HDD - 3,600 BDT

 4.2 Transcend 120GB 2.5 Inch SATAIII SSD - 2300 BDT

 5. Monitor - Asus VZ229HE 21.5 Inch IPS Borderless Slim - 11,300 BDT

 7. Keyboard: A4 Tech - 480 BDT

 8. Mouce: a47tech - 250 BDT

 9. Casing - 2000

 Total Price - 6300 + 16000 + 4100 + 3600 + 2300 + 11300 + 480 + 250 + 2000 = 46,330

 It will be a very speedy desktop.

 Laptop or desktop: Many people say that desktop is good for graphics design, in fact there is no saying that a good laptop is not good for desktop graphics design.  I actually get a very good desktop configuration on a low budget so I say desktop is good.  It is possible to buy such a good quality desktop with 40-50 thousand but if I want to buy the same configuration laptop it will cost around 1 lakh, so we don't buy this quality laptop but desktop is good for graphic design.

 In fact, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.  However, in my opinion, if you want to work at speed in graphics design, buy a laptop in 60 thousand 70 thousand or one lakh, if the budget is less than 50 thousand, buy a desktop.  You will get a laptop speed of 1 lakh rupees with this desktop.  Many freelance graphics designers use the MacBook Pro, but it is also a laptop that performs better than the general desktop.  That means the real issue is the configuration.

 You can start learning graphics design with minimum key configuration: Core i 3 Processor + 4GB Ram + 500GB Hard Disk + 14 inch monior PC you can start with but if you want more speed you can use the above configuration PC.  Basically those who work in professional freelancer graphic design, work with web templates, mobile UI need to work fast and they use the best configuration PC above.

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