Blog is an easy way to get AdSense approval

Assalamu Alaikum.

 Some of the qualifications for AdSense Approval Power on the blog: Your writing habits.  Creating a blog from that habit and writing there regularly.

 Did you know that you can easily earn money from that blog or website?  The question is, how to make money?

 The answer is Google Adsense.

 You may not have applied for Google Adsense yet or you may not get Google Adsense approval after many attempts so your articles are being read by people for free.  Don't despair.  You are not getting proper exchange for your writing but after reading this content of mine today, maybe many people will apply according to the rules or qualify and it will be approved.

 But let us know, before getting Google AdSense approval, there are some important information that will help you to get Google AdSense approval.

 1) Avoid copyrighted content:

 Many of us have the idea that if we copy the line from someone else's website, it will become content.  Yes, but don't forget to apply for Google Adsense.  At the beginning of writing on a blog or website, keep in mind that even a single line cannot be pasted with even 1 word and copy.  Just as you have the right to your writing, so do you have the right to write to others.

You have no right to steal someone's writing and continue in your name.  Google is very much aware of this issue, so it is not possible to steal someone's writing and publish it on your own blog / website.  If necessary, publish the text after 1 month, then avoid copy paste.  Yes, this will reduce traffic but please do not copy and paste.

 2) Post size:

 You wrote a 200 word post.  Now we think, how can our thoughts be fully expressed in just 200 words?  A blog usually has an open discussion.  When you are going to publish an article, keep in mind that it is a blog, not a Facebook post.  Blog posts are a minimum of 500 words, although this is not the standard number of words per blog, but blogs of about 500 to 600 words can be said to be of medium size.  You can also write 1000 or more words if you wish.  Which is good for you.  Remember, the most important thing is that your blog must be like a blog.  Explain the subject nicely by discussing openly here.

 3) Must have top level domain:

 The blog / website you run may have two types of domains.
 First, or
 The second domain you are looking at is a free sub domain.  It could be wordpress after blogspot.  However, with such a subdomain, you will never get Google AdSense approval.  However, the word is not completely correct.  Because your blog article is the lifeblood of your blog.  However, in that case you need to buy a top level domain and set up a blog / website.  I will discuss later how to set up a top level domain on a blog or website.  One more thing to keep in mind is that dot com, dot net and dot org are the three top priority domains.  So if you want to buy a domain, you must try to buy one of these three.

 4) Some essential pages:

 Many times you create a blog or website and start posting.  As you can see, posting content over the centuries does not get Google AdSense approval, mainly because your blog or website is not trusted by Google.  Google does not believe that your blog or website carries a specific existence.
 What is the solution?
 The solution is, your blog site must have four pages.


 You must create a page on your blog that can be contacted.  Go to any website in the world, you will see a page to contact them.  Google thinks that if there is no contact page, then who owns the existence of your website?  You probably shouldn't ask Google that question.


 You must have a page related to what your website is related to and what the purpose of this website is.  If you don't know your purpose, why would Google give you AdSense approval?  Of course you need to have about or related page on your page.

 Terms and Condition:

 Unless your blog or website has certain conditions, Google will not understand how open your content is to reading, that is, if someone wants to copy your writing, how you will take it, etc.  Google must be informed for that.  At the same time, you need to make sure that your visitors do not have the right to copy and paste.

 Privacy policy:

 It is your responsibility to provide security for your website or blog.  If a visitor comes to your site and does not get security then why visitors will come to your blog or website?  Google wants to be sure of this.  So to provide this assurance you must create a privacy page so that both Google and visitors can be assured that your website is secure.

 5) How much does it take a visitor to get Google AdSense approval:

 Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Blogger aint for me either. How many visitors a day does AdSense approve?  In fact, nowhere in Google AdSense is it mentioned that you need to get a certain number of visitors to get Google AdSense approval.  So this is a kind of confidentiality.  Remember, visitors are not the key but the structure of your blog or website.

 6) Age of blog or website:

 There are many people who open a blog or website today and apply for AdSense approval tomorrow.  Didn't the matter somehow become strange?  If you want to plant a tree today and eat fruit tomorrow, who is more foolish than you?
 In case of Google AdSense approval, the age of websites in Bangladesh, India and China is usually 6 months but it is not specified.  If your blog has completed all the above information, you can get approval in 2/3 months, but yes, you do not want to get approval in one or two months.

 6) Number of posts:

 In a word, the number of posts should be such that it is understood that it is a blog or website of a professional blogger.  If you have 2 or 3 posts on your blog, it cannot be said that you are a professional blogger.  For this you must leave more than 20 posts on your blog and then apply for approval.  I got AdSense approval in 15 articles.

 In general, these are important topics that you do not have to go to get Google AdSense approval.  Later, some secret items of Google Adsense Approval will be discussed at Dhaka Staff.  Stay well until then and go down to the field to get approval.

 Not today.

 Assalamu Alaikum.

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